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Customer Care: Upgrade/Support Pricing

** For RemoteDesk CustomerCare is mandatory for the first year
Product1 Time Upgrade Support Support 1 Year Subscription
RemoteDesk -Latest Version
RemoteDesk-up to 3 clients$695See below$1100/yr
RemoteDesk-up to 3 Sage Accpac (btrieve DBMS)$995See below$1295/yr
RemoteDesk Client$200See below Support handled through central contact.
RemoteDesk Client Direct (see note 10)VariesSee below Admin. must be on CustomerCare plus $450/client
RemoteDesk eCommerce (mandatory full CC for year 1)$995See below $1900/yr
RemoteDesk TradeShow (mandatory full CC for year 1)$895See below$1600/yr
RemoteDesk GPD-WinXP/Vista$995Per Call$1750/yr
ACT! Add-on
ACT! Contact Management Quote/Order System$350Per Call$750/ client
GoldMine Quote/Order System
GoldMine Contact Management Quote/Order System$350Per Call$750/ client

Pricing Notes:

  1. Prices do not include shipping or applicable taxes.
  2. Customer Care programs are a fraction of our actual costs. They are insurance policies that provide you with upgrades and PTFs for a period of one year, plus priority technical support for up to 8 hours per year. It is for support only and does not cover training or information available in the manual or on-line. Support time up to 8 hours carries a value of $1500. Anything above 8 hours is billed at a discounted rate of $120/hour. Hours cannot be accumulated and carried forward. This is an insurance aspect for when you need help you get put through to a technical rep, versus waiting for an e-mail response.
  3. If you have registered the product within 30 days of a new release, you are entitled to that new release for FREE. We will see your registration and flag it in your account to issue it to you upon request. In some cases we may require you fax us a copy of the original invoice as proof of purchase.
  4. The prices quoted for upgrades and support are applicable when upgrading from the prior version only. Add $300 per version back to the costs listed. If you have any questions about previous versions, or you need help in locating your version, just call, fax or e-mail us.
  5. We provide support on all our products for 30 days, free of charge, via E-MAIL ONLY. Response times are not guaranteed. Priority support is given to members of our above "Customer Care" programs first.
  6. Per incident rates: Contact our office at 818-859-7210 for information on incident support rates. All non-Customer Care support must be paid in advance of support.  Email for incident pricing.  Payment are handled via Paypal payment system - credit cards are handled. 
  7. Prices are subject to change without notice, contact Innersurf International Inc to confirm pricing. 818-859-7210
  8. The prices quoted are in US dollars. .
  9. Support and upgrade purchases are non-refundable. Once an upgrade and support is purchased, it cannot be returned for any reason.
  10. Customers with multiple licenses or remote locations are required to purchase the full customer care plan since the upgrade will be applied to more than 1 PC/Company. In addition, the above prices are not applicable for customers with multiple RemoteDesk Client licenses greater than 5. Contact us for applicable pricing in your case.
  11. The Direct Client plan involves us supporting each of your client sites directly. This option is good for companies without IT staff. Similar features exist as with the Administrator, except all upgrades and PTFs are done via e-mail versus CD-ROM. RemoteDesk Customer Care must exist for this add-on to activate. You must purchase the number of registrations you have on-file. For example, if you have 5 users, you must purchase 5 direct clients, you cannot only purchase 3, as this is too difficult to monitor.
  12. To Order: Call, Fax or select Shopping Cart Button from above.


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