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RemoteDesk for Sage 300
(+ earlier Accpac versions)

Sales order automation and processing where the internet is not always available for synchronization.

- RemoteDesk wins Windows Product of the Year!
Remote Desk Defined
  • Remote Desk is a full-featured sales force automation and electronic commerce ordering and quote system that allows you to connect customers, sales staff, web shopping cart, distributors or branches to your central ordering system. As a batch oriented system, with built-in communications via internet, or FTP to a central office that can receive orders for direct processing into ACCPAC Plus or Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage Accpac and Advantage). Handles high volume ordering and keeps customers informed with updated price lists, and their customer profiles. Provides you with an efficient way to capture, process and manage sales orders from multiple sources like hand held devices (android or iPad), web shopping carts. 

RemoteDesk Benefits:
  • Receive orders from remote sources in batch mode and post them directly into the head office system.
  • Increase the speed and accuracy of order processing
  • Improve customer service, and reduce overhead by timely order processing, convenience and quick turnaround.
  • Reduce paper handling, inventory and labour costs.
  • Eliminate costly data entry errors.

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