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RemoteDesk Features

...maximize your time and save money!

  • Direct interface to accounting systems eliminate the errors and ommissions experienced with rekeying.
  • Set up remote sites in minutes by downloading pre-defined templates, configurations and database.
  • Automatically keeps the remote site up-to-date with order status, price lists, items and customer profiles.
  • Speed up data entry by 90% using pre-set defaults, templates, custom order screens and archived orders.
  • Classify orders as quotes (for recall when sold), archived (for recall of blanket or standing orders) or active & ready for sending.
  • Maintains user definable tables such as ship-to addresses, salesperson, territory, ship-via and more.
  • Add new customers and ship-to addresses "on-the-fly" at order entry time.
  • Easily order items by item code, partial description, or a scroll list.
  • Link to central site using existing internet e-mail connections.
  • Simple multi-site management of communication and file transfers.
  • Send data with confidence by utilizing built-in data security with private key encryption & compression for each site
  • Control program options for each remote.
  • View customer profiles on the road, look at previous quotes, and check on current order status instantly right on your PC.
  • Process contacts, to quotes to sales orders to head office without any re-keying.
  • Direct support for Sales Orders from Web Shopping Carts
  • Direct support for the PocketPC handheld device
  • Easy installation with Quick Setup Wizard
  • Automatic mail receiving and scheduling features
  • Automatic mail sending and scheduling features
  • Complete Audit Trails monitor all activities.

RemoteDesk is fast, easy and economical!

No more re-keying or delays in order processing!

Great benefits await you...

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