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RemoteDesk Technical Profile - Components

  • (1) Communication Methods
    • RemoteDesk provides a number of methods to make communicating easy with remote PCs. The product facilitates batch mode operation of data to remote PCs using;
      • Most MAPI compliant E-mail systems
        • RemoteDesk through its MAPI interface reads the Exchange Profiles that have been set up for your E-mail addresses either through an intranet , Internet or ISDN line. RemoteDesk accesses all of your existing mail addresses and utilizes existing company communication hardware through Windows 95 or Windows NT.
      • Lotus Notes or cc.Mail
        • RemoteDesk supports the Lotus mail system through its VIM components. A special configuration screen in RemoteDesk allows connection to the Lotus Post Office and to the mail system for all E- commerce communications along with your Lotus groupware data.
      • Internet Service Providers or an ISDN line and Mail Gateways
        • RemoteDesk can use POP3 and SMTP for mail communications. You would enter in the Mail server names and RemoteDesk takes care of the connection.
      • File Transfer Protocol FTP
      • ** SPECIAL NOTE ** RemoteDesk does not integrate directly to America Online. They have a proprietary system that is not SMTP or MAPI compliant. If you are using this system, please contact us for setup details.

  • (2) HARDWARE
    •  PC or compatible standard configuration
    • Ethernet connection
    • Internal Modem
    • Hard disk space requires 250 MB free
    • 3 MB ram for Windows
    • USB or CD ROM drive

    • Windows XP/  Vista/  Windows 7
    • Sage Accpac
    • Adagio Accounting
    • SAP accounting batch file interface
    • GPD

      ( Call for other versions or other accounting system compatibility 818-859-7210 )

    • Great Plains Dynamics (v4.0 or higher)

    • ACT!  (v3.06 or higher)
    • GoldMine  (v4.0 or higher)
      * Please call if you do not see your software listed

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