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RemoteDesk Success Profile

    Silani Sweet Cheese

    Silani Sweet Cheese Ltd
    Schomberg, Ontario
    Silani, for over 50 years, is proudly owned and operated by three grandsons of the original founders and is steeped in family honour and valued traditions that have helped make Silani Ontario’s fastest growing specialty cheese company with over 200 exquisite cheese products.
    Critical Issue:
    Growth in the business was overwhelming our order entry/invoicing department. Orders were taken over the phone from 9 sales reps and entered into the accounting system, picking slips were printed and after the orders were picked invoicing was done - all in the same day. With an average of 180 orders a day we needed to reduce the time taken to input orders.
    Current System:
    Accpac Plus for DOS Currently implementing Sage Batchmaster PFW
    Requirements they were looking for:
    Silani needed a simple system where the orders would be entered via a handheld by the sales rep in the field and uploaded to our accounting system.
    Fantastic results!
    Orders are entered by sales reps and uploaded through RemoteDesk to Accpac.
    Huge benefits in;
    1. accuracy
    2. Reduced noise in the office as we have fewer telephone orders
    - therefore entire office is more efficient. Plus we were able to handle increased sales activity more easily and accurately.

    Currently, we have RemoteDesk and 11 handheld RemoteCE versions with bar code scanning capability.
    A Closing Statement:
    Kathleen Duffy

    "Currently we are working with Bravo to ensure we retain these benefits by integrating to our new software.
    We couldn't " GO LIVE" without it!"


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