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RemoteDesk Success Profile

    Playmobil - Toys for the imagination!

    Playmobil USA
    Cranbury, New Jersey
    Playmobil USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of geobra Brandstaetter GmbH&Co KG, the manufacturer of Playmobil toys. The subsidiary is the sole distributor of Playmobil Toys in the USA. The 2,800 accounts/customer of Playmobil nationwide are served by approx 75 employee's.
    Critical Issue:
    We have been forced to streamline our order process and at the same time empower the Sales Rep in the field to give the customer more detailed information about their account and our inventory status.
    Current System:
    Originally installed with ACCPAC Plus
    Currently running with SAP
    Requirements they were looking for:
    Jurgen Baudenbacher of their US office selected RemoteDesk to take them into the electronic commerce era, with back-end integration to ACCPAC. They wanted a product that would allow for multiple types of remote integration, and in particular the PocketPC device.
    We have just set up 20 sales reps (which took a day) to handle the order processing cycle. This has improved the flow of data, improved customer service, and reduced the number of sales rep inquiries about customer balances and order status.
    Currently, RemoteDesk is handling 1600 inventory items, 2800 customers, and 100 orders/day
    A Closing Statement:
    Jurgen Baudenbacher, MIS Manager

    "When I first discovered RemoteDesk I was skeptical. But it has proven to be everything that it said, and much more. It is simple, it was inexpensive, and provides us with the ability to keep our sales reps on top of things. I look forward to expanding with Bravo products, and growing with our strategy.
    They have been responsive, supportive, and have provided us with the product quality and service that our company needs. I also appreciate how they keep in touch with their Bravo Tips e-mail that talks about what is going on in the world of e.commerce, and how we can better utilize our resources."
    Playmobil is currently using the SAP Accounting System, so in response we expanded our RemoteDesk solution to integrate to this also. This integration provides RemoteDesk with a broader base, and Playmobil, who are pleased with the performance and flexibility of RemoteDesk, get to maintain their initial investment of RemoteDesk and its staff. At Bravo Software Group we are dedicated to our users, and continue to expand to meet the ever-changing needs of your company.


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