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RemoteDesk takes your remote source ordering needs one step further by offering an inexpensive way to integrate your website and shopping cart data to your back end accounting system.

How? Automatic batch driven polling and posting to Adagio, ACCPAC Plus, ACCPAC Windows or Great Plains Dynamics using RemoteDesk e.Commerce as your data "traffic cop".

In the general setup steps in taking your company to the web, the number one issue overlooked is back-end integration to your accounting system. How are you going to get all these sales orders from your website and into your accounting system?? Here RemoteDesk has solved that ever-present question that halts independent web site and shopping cart integration in an IT department.

How does RemoteDesk e.Commerce work?
    RemoteDesk e.Commerce serves the same purpose as the Administrator only with the added functionality of web integration. It resides at the head office, and polls the website or order system for orders, in addition to the ability to receive orders from salesrep laptops, branch office PC's or PocketPC devices. We will work with your technical staff on fine tuning the order automation.
    RD E-commerce also provides offline inventory maintenance fo additional descriptions, extended details and unique two language support so that product can be described in each language with graphic.

There are 3 online methods you can choose from;
  1. We can set up a simple HTML form for you that lists your products and their prices and captures the order in ascii format for direct posting through RemoteDesk to your accounting system.
    Click here for our site example

  2. You can use our recommended 1shoppingcart system. and have RemoteDesk poll the orders for posting.

  3. We can work with most ISP's and Shopping Carts and take your HTML or shopping cart output for posting by RemoteDesk to your accounting system

RemoteDesk e.Commerce - How to Integrate:

What does the transaction cycle look like?
Pricing Breakdowns:
    RemoteDesk eCommerce - one time purchase
    ** Also check out the price of our eCommerce Bundle - one low price gets you everything you need!

    Integration fees for options above - $120/hour - time varies by output format

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