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Pricing Summary
ProductAccounting InterfaceAll in US$
EvaluationAdagio/Sage/PlusFree Download
RemoteDesk Administrator*(See Price Note 2)Adagio$1895
RemoteDesk Administrator*(See Price Note 2)Sage Accpac (PBtrv dbms)$2895
RemoteDesk Administrator*(See Price Note 2)Sage Accpac(MSSQL/DB2/ORC dbms)$3895
RemoteDesk Administrator*(See Price Note 2)Accpac Plus$1895
RemoteDesk Customer Care*(See Note 4) - mandatory for first yearAdagio/ Plus$1100
RemoteDesk Customer Care*(See Note 4) - mandatory for first yearSage Accpac(PBtrv DBMS)$1295
RemoteDesk Customer Care*(See Note 4) - mandatory for first yearSage Accpac(MSSQL/DB2/ORC dbms)$1595
RemoteDesk e.Commerce*(See Note 3)Adagio/ Plus $3895
RemoteDesk e.Commerce*(See Note 3)Sage Accpac (all dbms) $4995
RemoteDesk eCommerce Customer Care *(See Note 3-4)- mandatory first yearAdagio/ Plus $1900
RemoteDesk eCommerce Customer Care *(See Note 3-4)- mandatory first yearSage Accpac (all dbms) $2400
RemoteDesk Tradeshow BundleAdagio/ Plus $call
RemoteDesk Tradeshow BundleSage Accpac (all dbms) $call
RemoteDesk TradeShow Customer Care *( see Note 4)- mandatory first yearAdagio/ Sage Accpac/ Plus$call
RemoteDesk Tradeshow Administrator only(used for additional show rooms or multiple tradeshow PCs. Must have RD Tradeshow version)Adagio/ Sage/ Plus$1295
RemoteDesk Client Types
RemoteDesk Client (desktop, laptop, tablet PC - sales reps or branch offices)all interfaces$695
RemoteDesk Client License (above without CD/Shipping)all interfaces$665
RemoteDesk Client Invoicer all interfaces$795
RemoteDesk Client Customerall interfaces$495
RD Client RemoteCE for PocketPC/Windows CE all interfaces$495
RemoteDesk Sales Rep Bundle (Client version plus RemoteCE version)all interfaces$895
RemoteDesk for Great Plains Dynamics
Evalution CD-RomMS Great PlainsFree Download
RemoteDesk Bundle - Administrator + 5 Clients MS Great Plains$call
RemoteDesk e.CommerceMS Great Plains $call Ask about our RemoteShop shopping cart
RemoteDesk Add-ons:
ACT! Contact Management Link-Client version requiredall interfaces$249
GoldMine Contact Management Link-Client version requiredall interfaces$249
for Apparel-Pac (from Softkey Microsystems)all interfaces$695
ACT! Contact Management Link-Client+Add-onall interfaces$795
GoldMine Contact Management Link-Client+Add-onall interfaces$795
**Client License Value Paks
Client 5-Pak$635 each$3175
Client 10-Pak$595 each$5950
Client 20-Pak$565 each$11300
Client 30-Pak or greater$Call$Call
**Invoicer License Value Paks
Invoicer 5-Pak$725 each$3625
Invoicer 10-Pak$670 each$6700
Invoicer 20-Pak$625 each$12500
Invoicer 30-Pak or greater$Call$Call

Pricing Notes:

  1. ** Client License Value Paks - RemoteDesk has a feature in which you can add more clients (seats) yourself. For companies who do not require a manual, box etc. for each remote copy you can simply buy a license. This option does not require shipping, you inform your dealer or contact BSG for the number of sites you would like to add, and we provide you with a keycode that unlocks more seats. Your manual has complete details for this procedure.
  2. The Administrator ships as a unit that includes 1 Remote Client licence. This license can be used with desktop, laptop or tablet PCs. This is for sales orders. You cannot exchange this for any other type of remote site. ie. RemoteCE for PocketPC, RemoteDesk Invoicer, etc. If you need a specific remote type such as an Invoicer or PocketPC application, these are quoted above and sold separately. You can always use the included Client version at a later date.
  3. RemoteDesk eCommerce bundle includes;
    • RemoteDesk eCommerce
    • The RemoteDesk Administrator can also interface with sales reps using RD Clients
    • Assistance with setting up the RemoteDesk web parameters
    • Guidance with setting up categories and items
    • Programming to automate mapping of inbound order data from your eCommerce shopping cart and special handling of your accounting data. (Max 3 hours)

    • RDEC Customer Care Plan - includes 12 months of upgrades and priority support. Includes initial online setup

  4. Customer Care plans includes for 1 year upgrades, PTFs, and priority technical support. This provides you with upgrades and PTFs for a period of one year, plus priority technical support when you need it most. Maximum of 6 hours for the year. This is for support only and does not cover training or information available in the manual or on-line.
    Support time up to 6 hours carries a value of $900. Anything above 6 hours is billed at a discounted rate of $100/hour. Hours cannot be accumulated and carried forward. This is an insurance aspect for when you need help you get put through to a technical rep, versus waiting for an e-mail response.
    If you wish for us to directly support each respective registered client version, there is an additional fee of $199 per user, and you must purchase for as many users as you have registered. You cannot select 3 specific ones if you have 5 users in total, it is simply too difficult to monitor.
  5. Also note the above prices are for upgrading from the last version prior to the latest release only. Contact Bravo with your version to get exact pricing if this does not apply to you. For a history of the version releases visit: Upgrade Notices
  6. Customer Care is non-refundable because it involves automatic updating and technical support.
  7. Prices are subject to change without notice. The most current prices are posted here at all times.
  8. The prices quoted are suggested retail in Cdn/US dollars. For US and International sales, costs are in US$.
  9. The above value paks are for client version only. Please send an e-mail with the specific quantities required for RemoteDesk Invoicer, Windows CE, or Customer Versions.


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