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RemoteDesk: How it works
and Operates

  • RemoteDesk uses existing Internet e-mail boxes, FTP, MAPI compliant e-mail system such as Exchange and pass data between sites using special compression and unique keyed encryption algorithms for every site.

  • Each remote site has a remote version that resides on their machine. It is a full order entry and quote processing system with your company parameters and data downloaded to them at set up time. This process is simple as you select what type of remote they are; customer, branch or sales rep, and the Administrator version determines what type of data they will recieve, and how much. It also automatically determines what fields they can access at entry time, giving you the power to control their entry, while giving them the power to control their ordering! Each site does not require any other accounting software module, saving you thousands of dollars in software, setup and training. RemoteDesk remote version holds all of your data files such as customer, inventory and pricing in one complete database.

  • Data is then automatically shared and quickly updated to all client sites from the central office by e-mail transfer, keeping them informed of shipping progress. You can also update price lists, customer files, or send any unrelated files such as spreadsheets, or word processing documents to your remote clients.

  • Recent benchmark tests show that RemoteDesk can send a 10,000 item price list in under 3 minutes, and 25 orders in under a minute!

Functional Steps in the RemoteDesk Data Transfer

  • RemoteDesk uses E-mail as the foundation for communications as most companies today have come to rely upon. The RemoteDesk data is transferred as attachments to E-mail messages specifically created to be read by a RemoteDesk client or Administrator.

    • In the Send function, each recipient has an individual sub-directory under \RemoteDesk\Upload that contains data to be sent to that site. It may be a new price list or order status information. It could even be some spreadsheets or word processing documents that are also scheduled to be sent to a specific remote PC. When the send operation is running, the program determines which E-mail method is being used, the users address and the unique data encryption key for that remote user. The data files are then compressed and encrypted uniquely using a private key encryption algorithm for each remote site. The E-mail message is created with a special subject line for RemoteDesk and the attachment is added.

    • In the Receive function, the whole process is simple. RemoteDesk dials the addresses that have been indicated on the From screen. E-mail messages are scanned in the "inbox" of the mail system for a specific subject line. The program then examines the body of the message for the attachment which is saved, decompressed and decrypted.

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