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Come and join the thousands who benefit....

  • Any company that sells a product
  • Any company that has high order volumes or provide better service.
  • Any company that wants to bring their customers closer and manage their order processing more cost effectively.
  • Companies with sales forces who want to send orders into the office. Saves on courier, fax, mail, and office visits.
  • Companies such as distributors and retail chains who have multiple partners or resellers and a central distribution warehouse. Reduces data entry and errors by having customers order directly.
  • Companies with regional branches that want to do their own order processing, yet keep all accounting records centrally at head office.
  • Any company that uses;

    • ACCPAC for Windows
    • ACCPAC Plus
    • Great Plains Dynamics
    • Adagio
    • SAP
    • ACT! Contact Management System
    • GoldMine Contact Management System

No more rekeying or delays in order processing!

It's time to let RemoteDesk...

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