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E-Mail Statistics

    Leverage from your existing technology

  • The Post office estimates a loss of $1.4 billion dollars in 1998
  • Nearly 40% of business and personal correspondence bypasses the post office
  • 59 million e-mail users in North America, approx. 26% of total population
    • By using existing E-mail platforms, RemoteDesk allows your company to leverage off present investments in technology. This provides the scalability you need to move your organization into the E-commerce era today without a large expense in administration, setup and hardware. Most importantly you can implement this E-mail based solution quicker and begin to see benefits today.
      Accounting System:
    • Another area that RemoteDesk leverages from is the investment in your accounting system and its functions. RemoteDesk reduces all data entry duplications at each stage. It capitalizes on the office procedures and tasks necessary for quote and sales order processing. RemoteDesk does this by first reading your native database or importing from an ascii file all database components it requires to handle remote quotes and sales order entry. Second, the product collects this remote sales data and centrally creates a master audit and directly updates your accounting system. Either directly or through an ascii file. By feeding these systems directly, there is no loss in data integrity, no time delays and no rekeying.
    • By utilizing RemoteDesk technology your corporate functions have extended beyond the head office and into the field and to your customers. The result is better service, quick response and enhanced communications at all levels.

      The Pros and Cons of E-Mail based E-Commerce

      Pros of using RemoteDesk (FTP or E-mail based)

    • Easy to install and setup
    • Uses existing e-mail setup and software
    • Utilize current hardware configurations
    • No need for expensive firewalls
    • Immediate response, no waiting for connections or getting "bumped" off
    • Keep customers loyal by simplifying order entry with a dedicated program.
    • Security breach and data exposure is not an issue
    • Low administrative costs and no need for dedicated personnel
    • Inexpensive entry to take advantage of electronic commerce technology and users can be added 1 at a time
    • Direct posting of orders, ship-to's and customers into popular accounting products 

      Cons to E-mail based system:

    • No on-line access by a browser
    • No access to company information
    • Not real-time ordering
    • No access to pictures of inventory

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