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RemoteDesk Customer

- Order Processing for your customers

RemoteDesk Customer Defined:

  • RemoteDesk Customer provides your customers with the ability to place orders from their computer with 24 hour a day convenience, without the hassles of 'being logged on the net'.
  • Handles the updating of inventory items, A/R account balances, special pricing and order status updates automatically, as well as posts the orders received directly into the accounting system.

  • Helps keep your customers loyal by inviting them to be a part of your order processing cycle.

Great Product for...

  • Companies with customers who order products currently via the phone, fax or e-mail

Features include:

  • Easily updates customers with A/R balances, items and prices specific to them
  • Prints orders for customer records
  • Automatic posting of orders to central office
  • Automatically depletes the inventory at head office, no need for re-entry or delays in order processing
  • Ability to accept order number from remote location or re-assign at head office
  • Keeps a record of all customer orders
  • Allows for standing & blanket quotes to easily be converted to orders
  • Internet e-mail transfer means it's a free local call

Integrate to head office accounting

  • Automatically posts orders into head office accounting
  • Eliminates rekeying or faxing
  • Reduces overhead with speed and efficiency
  • Puts the responsibility of ordering where it belongs, with the customer

The next best thing to being on-line, without the costs!

  • If you are interested in downloading a RemoteDesk evaluation version select
    RemoteDesk Evaluation

    RemoteDesk Customer: $495.00

    Administrator Pricing

  • No risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

    RemoteDesk is fast, easy and economical...Order yours today!


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