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Components of the RemoteDesk Solution
For each accounting system there are available the following components;
(More details are linked)

There are 3 main solutions types. They are;
RemoteDesk Components


(Remote Site Types)
     1. Client
     2. Invoicer
     3. Customer
     4. RemoteCE

     RD for GoldMine
     RD for ACT!

     Customer Care
     Setup Guide
     Accounting Integration
     RD Pricing

RemoteDesk eCommerce
In addition to being able to handle all of the Administrator facets and add-ons, this version has the added component of eCommerce and web to accounting integration.

     RemoteDesk eCommerce module
     eCommerce Customer Care
     eCommerce Bundle
RemoteDesk TradeShow
This also has all the features of the Administrator with added modules to facilitate a tradeshow environment. There are 2 ways to go with this product. RemoteDesk Tradeshow Bundle, or you can purchase the components separately as you grow.

     RemoteDesk Administrator
     Remote Administrator
     TradeShow Customer Care
     RemoteDesk Bar Coding


  • RemoteDesk Administrator

    The Administrator can manage and efficiently keep up-to-date any number of remote sites. Communication to all sites is via E-Mail on the Internet using an ISP, or using MS-Exchange Mail or FTP methods. It sends all data with configuration information to the remote client sites so they can be fully operational in a matter of hours. You select what type of remote they are; customer, branch or sales rep, and this will determine what type of data they will receive, and how much. It also automatically determines what fields they can access at entry time, giving you the power to control their entry, while giving them the power to control their ordering. Data is then automatically shared and quickly updated to all client sites from the central office by e-mail transfer, keeping them informed of shipping progress and invoicing. You can also update price lists, customer files, or send any unrelated files such as spreadsheets, or word processing documents to your remote clients.
    Currently shipping with the new E-mailer add-on for even more power!

    We have 5 main ways you can get the data to the RemoteDesk administrator and they are;

      (1) You can use RemoteDesk as a quick order entry system on your Network. Multiple people have their own client copy, they can customize the input screen to their liking, and the RemoteDesk Administrator component organizes all the incoming data for posting to your accounting.
      (2)You can have your sales reps use a laptop to enter quotes, orders or invoices for sending back to head office by using simple e-mail technologies. No lengthy log on times, and an update the next day of items, quantities, order status, and updated A/R balances. RemoteDesk Client
      (3)You can have a sales rep use a Windows CE or Pocket PCdevice to place orders for sending back to head office by using e-mail or synchronizing with the cradle. No lengthy log on times, and an update the next day of items, quantities, order status, and updated A/R balances. RemoteCE
      (4)You can have customers send in orders using their laptop or PC for direct processing to head office accounting using simple e-mail. RemoteDesk Customer
      (5) You can have internet surfers or customers log into your on-line web based shopping cart system for direct order placing and posting. RemoteDesk e.Commerce

  • RemoteDesk eCommerce

    • RemoteDesk e.Commerce serves the same purpose as the Administrator only with the added functionality of web integration. It resides at the head office, and polls the website or e-mail system for web sourced orders, in addition to the ability to receive orders from salesrep laptops, branch office PC's, customers or PocketPC devices.
      The eCommerce version adds the ability to interpret free-form e-mails and correlate them to accounting based inventory items, customers, ship-tos, and more.

  • RemoteDesk Remote Administrator

    • This serves a similar purpose to the RemoteDesk Administrator, but it is used exclusively for remote locations that have multiple users feeding that 'hub', which in turns feeds the RemoteDesk Administrator a 'consolidated' batch from all the remote users. This is ideal for trade show scenarios, and store fronts.

  • RemoteDesk Client - 1 included - Quote/Order Processing

    • Each remote site needs a remote client version that resides on their machine. It is a full order entry and quote processing system with your company parameters and data downloaded to them at set up time. Sites do not require any other accounting software module, saving thousands of dollars in software, setup and training. RemoteDesk remote version holds all of your data files such as customer, inventory and pricing in one complete database. The only setup required is to enter the e-mail address. The orders and other data files are sent as e-mail attachments which are uniquely encrypted and compressed for each site to ensure data security. Only new orders and if applicable customer records are sent back to the head office for processing.

  • RemoteDesk Invoicer - Quote/Order & Invoice Processing

    • Each remote site that wants the added capability of invoicing too, would select this module versus the Client Module.

    • RemoteDesk Customer

    • Every customer you want to provide with the ability to send you orders, 24 hours a day, just by using their internet e-mail, requires a copy of RemoteDesk customer. This module handles the updating of inventory items, A/R account balances, special pricing and order status updates automatically, as well as posts the orders received from customers directly into the accounting system.

  • Contact Management System add-ons

  • RemoteDesk for Windows CE
      RemoteCE is an add-on that works in conjunction with our RemoteDesk Administrator product. It allows remote sources to send orders using a Windows CE/PocketPC device to a central office for direct posting to accounting.

  • Bar Coding Solution
      Bravo Software Group has taken the RemoteCE solution one step further by providing integrated barcode capabilities. By capturing data through the use of an integrated PocketPC device, or a PocketPC device with a wand/pen attachment, you can bring orders directly into RemoteDesk.

  • RemoteDesk lets you receive remote orders or invoices for direct posting into your  accounting system.

  • Come see what you need for setup...


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