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RemoteDesk Bar coding At-a-Glance

Bravo Software Group has taken the RemoteDesk and RemoteCE solution one step further by providing integrated barcode capabilities. By capturing data through the use of PocketPC and batch scanning technology, you can bring orders into RemoteDesk. This complements the RemoteDesk Tradeshow solution which includes bar code scanning capabilities, but adds the ability to print the actual bar codes from ACCPAC or Adagio.

The following is a quick overview of the process for a sales rep. The following is an example using the RemoteCE module loaded on a Symbol PPT 2700 unit, but you can use any PocketPC with a wand or integrated scanning.
For a complete matrix of PocketPC devices and component requirements visit: More about PocketPC's

(1) The Sales Rep will enter a new customer and begin the order taking process. You can enter a customer name or code for existing customers and bring up all of the customer data such as name, credit limit, terms of payment, etc.

(2) As the customer chooses the items they wish to order, the Rep scans the SKU number bar-code located on each item.

(3) At this point the scanner retrieves and displays the items, description, quantity on hand, and the price.
The Rep then enters the quantity ordered and proceeds to the next item(s).

A running total of the order is always available on the unit display.

(4) Upon completion of the order two copies of the sales order are printed, one for the customer and the other is signed by the customer as order confirmation.

(5) At the end of the day all of the order information is taken from the handhelds and e-mailed to Head Office.

(6) Updated customer, order status and inventory is returned via e-mail for the next day.

(7) At Head Office all orders are imported directly into ACCPAC Plus or ACCPAC Windows for processing, eliminating the need to manually re-key.

New Item Number Translator and Bar Code Printing Add-on

  • Allows you to print the actual bar codes from ACCPAC or Adagio.
  • Provides for item number translations into UPC codes or external part numbers when using the Pocket PC product. This allows the PocketPC to scan one part number but have the accounting system keep another.
  • Prints the bar codes for your translated items using 1 of 4 external part numbers kept with each item code.
  • Prints 13 different bar code formats including Code39 and Code128.
  • Additional report will print the bar code along with the actual item part number and the item description as lines on a page. This is useful where bar code labels are not available on the product but the printed item pages can be used to scan quickly the part number for hand-held device order taking.

    Estimated Cost Breakdown:
    RemoteDesk Administrator: $1895-$2495
    RemoteDesk Barcode Printer/Item Number Translation... $995.
    RemoteCE ...............: $495 per handheld
    Go here for detailed pricing structures

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