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RemoteDesk Competitive Advantages

"The right choice for electronic commerce in your business"

What is RemoteDesk?

  • RemoteDesk is a cost effective order and quote system that allows a business to implement an Electronic Commerce solution without a big investment in hardware and software.

    RemoteDesk Advantages:

  • Use your existing hardware and software.
    RemoteDesk can run on a any Microsoft OS such as Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. Also on Windows 2007 Server. No special server or firewall is required.  Works with standard laptop hardware configurations.

  • Use your existing Windows Exchange and Internet E-Mail connections.
    With RemoteDesk just set up the addressing and mail server information to begin using your network or MS Exchange E-mail and messaging connections.

  • No additional E-mail box or connection is required.
    Whether it be on your company Intranet or over the Internet, the only thing RemoteDesk requires is that all users have their own E-mail address. It will only retrieve e-mail specifically for RemoteDesk, all other files are left alone. RemoteDesk also support FTP communication to a private web site area. It can also be configured for a simple file transfer on a network.

  • Batch mode processing is perfect for short burst connections.
    Take advantage of off peak transfer times for cellular or long distance calls. Send 50 orders in under 3 minutes. RemoteDesk communications can be fully script automated with Windows task events.

  • No corporate security risk.
    By keeping data secure and offline, there is virtually no exposure to external hacking as with database servers on the net.

  • No Internet delays or line dropping.
    With all the relevant data on your PC, response is instant and information is immediately recalled. Recall quotes, check order shipping status and enter new information quickly.

  • Integrates easily to your accounting system.
    Direct integration to ACCPAC, Great Plains, Adagio, and SAP, plus has full import and export of ascii deliminated files for easy customization and integration to your accounting system.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
    This ensures you get the right electronic commerce solution for your needs!

    No Risk, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Download an Evaluation copy available for FREE.

  • No more re-keying or delays in order processing!

    Want to see how it works?

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