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E-mailer Add-on

Finally a product that will easily allow you to e-mail your quotes, orders and invoices. Using RemoteDesk, a full order entry, eCommerce and WAP enabled system to create your outbound document, you can now simply click on the File Drop Down menu and select SEND.

You can choose to send it as a word document or text attachment. Use full graphic display and sending from word, making your orders, quotes and invoices as realistic as if you had mailed or faxed them. Sample forms are included, and you can modify these to add your own graphics, logos, lines, whatever you want to improve and customize.

This add-on is yours for only $99, but if you act this month, you will receive it for free with any RemoteDesk purchase. Just imagine, one of the most powerful order entry systems for remote locations, integration to web, shopping cart, and HTML technologies, direct interfacing to WAP environments such as PocketPC and integrated Symbol scanners, and NOW, direct e-mailing of all your documents.

Use RemoteDesk in a network environment easily adding inexpensive Order Entry modules at head office, use it in your branch offices, give it to your sales reps and top customers, or link it to your web site to complete the integrated eCommerce experience for a fraction of the competitions price.

And best of all, it is from a company you can trust to support and deliver the leading edge technology you require today, in time for tomorrows new standards.

Cost-effective, powerful and full-featured to maximize your benefits, without breaking the bank.

If you don't have RemoteDesk and you use ACCPAC, it's time to find out what you're missing!

Special Note: RemoteDesk Customer Care members will get a FREE copy of RemtoeDesk E-mailer.


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