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Electronic Commerce Sources

  • The eCommerce Information Center
    This is a great site offering ecommerce statistics, analysis and market research. For example, do you need to get a handle on how many Internet users there are? How many web sites are out there? The amount of business activity on the web? This site provides answers ... And much more.
  • The eComm Resource Center
    This offers numerous resources on ecommerce -- specifically, it provides a basic look at how to plan, build, manage and promote an ecommerce-enabled web presence.
  • Dr. Ralph Wilson
    Provides an incredible information-packed resource site on ecommerce and web marketing. Among others, his eCommerce Research Room is a must-visit.
  • eCommerce Times
    Find out what's happening in the world of ecommerce and online business with the eCommerce Times. Subscribe to their free weekly ezine -- it's always filled with the latest trends, news, interviews and issues that affect this dynamic environment.
  • The eCommerce Guide
    This is part of's growing library of up-to-date Internet information. The guide provides everything you need and want to know about ecommerce, with a special section on Marketing.
  • The Center for Research in Electronic Commerce
    This is an info-packed site on ecommerce news, publications, links and resources. It was put together by the people at the University of Texas at Austin, which is a leading research institution in electronic commerce.
  • Anacom Articles
    Anacom is a transaction processing company that have written and reproduced a number of white papers about doing business on the Internet, entitled "The ABC's of eCommerce."
  • eCommerce Web Encyclopedia (or "Webopedia")
    What in the world do SSL, SET, VPN or ERP mean? Visit this site to find out about ecommerce-specific terminologies, phrases, expressions, acronyms and words -- from digital wallets to "clicks-and-mortar."
  • eMarketer
    Want Internet and ecommerce stats? eReports from eMarketer offers a panoply of online statistics and news. For the most comprehensive research information on ecommerce, as well as the latest news in the online world, eLand is it.
  • "Know This Virtual Library"
    A tremendous resource that offers an extraordinary wealth of information for understanding the in's and out's of ecommerce, from writing a business plan to selling.
  • "Find Out How You can get an Economical Totally Ready To Go Shopping Cart"
    Need a way to easily sell your products online? Get a shopping cart designed for you and your products, get a merchant account so you can handle credit cards, have shipping easily selected and charged, have your accounting updated instantly and have the warehouse notified of the sale and ready the shipment. We can help get you going quickly. Tell us what you want and we will tell you how quickly we can do it.


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